The availability of a favorable economic environment and skilled workers, greater access to global markets, and various incentives offered by the federal and state government are few strong reasons why you would want to establish a company in USA.
The advantages, benefits, and responsibilities given to US residents and non-residents (immigrants) are almost the same. If you are a UAE resident and are planning to setup a business in the USA, go through the ready primer prepared by our top immigration consultants in Dubai.


Any resident without a criminal record is eligible to setup business in the US. You would need a
Business Visa (B1 Visa). Fill out the Form DS-160, pay fees, and schedule an interview. Prepare a document file that includes the following:

  • Form DS-160 and interview confirmation page.
  • Valid passport for six months minimum and prior record of US visit/s, if applicable.
  • Visa compliant passport size photo.
  • Details of all active social media accounts.
  • Financial records for sustenance in the US.
  • Accurate disclosure of the nature of business and intent such as setting up a business, negotiating business contracts, attending business events, or settling estates.
  • Proven ties to the home country such as property deeds and family records.
  • A certificate stating you have no criminal record.

It takes a few weeks to approve or reject the B1 Visa. If approved, it will be valid for 6 months, unless extended. If dependents wish to join you, they need B2 Visa or a Tourist visa.

Setting up Business in the US

Once you have reached the US shores with a valid B1 Visa, let us see how you can establish a business.

  • Right Business Type :

    A Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) is the ideal option due to its simpler tax structure and protection of assets against business lawsuits. Business revenue comes under “personal income” and this is recommended if yearly revenue is less than $80,000. The next option is a C-Corporation and recommended if you already have a successful business and looking at the US to expand exponentially. The third option is the S-Corporation but it is not available to non-US residents.

  • Business Location:

    Choosing the location of the business is essential. Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming are the current top 3 favorites to register a business. NomersBiz immigration services UAE recommends Wyoming for LLC’s because it has foreigner-friendly laws, no personal, state, corporate or capital gains taxes to pay, higher business privacy, and cheaper annual reports. You do not need to live in Wyoming to operate the LLC. Compliances for a C-Corporate are higher in which case contact us for a detailed consultation.

  • Registered Agent:

    A Registered Agent is your official liaisoning medium with the US government; hence, mandatory for opening any nature of business. The Registered Agent receives important documents about the business and helps you to remain anonymous. Our top immigration consultants in Dubai offers yearly Registered Agent services for UAE residents, which includes benefits based on your chosen plan. With our Agent service, you can get a US bank account and an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

  • Get EIN:

    You do not have a Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) to get the EIN yet it is mandatory for establishing and operating a business in the US such as opening a bank account, hiring employees, getting permits, and filing taxes. You need to hire a business lawyer to function as a Third-Party Designee with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and get the EIN. NomersBiz specializes in this.

    With the EIN, you are ready to begin your business journey with the US.

  • Tax Filing:

    Every financial year, you have to file the taxes promptly. An experienced and authorized tax advisor can consult you regarding the best taxation practices for both LLC and C-Corporation. It is advised not to leave taxation until the very end. Often, Registered Agent service providers like us offer tax filing services as part of our package deals.

NomersBiz US Business Setup Services

Our team has expert business service setup providers that offers immigration services in Dubai to every UAE resident. We understand your requirements and draw a yearly plan for you. However, by having NomersBiz as a Registered Agent liaising on your behalf, common benefits include:

  • Yearly Registered Agent service
  • Accounting and bookkeeping service
  • Tax filing and compliance
  • Single and multiple-member Operating agreements
  • Attorney-client privilege

Stop waiting and contact us today for a consultation. We are your one-stop immigration services in Dubai providers.