Introduction to Business Visa

In the last decade, NomersBiz has become one of the top immigration consultants in Dubai for successfully assisting foreign residents to immigrate to the USA to establish a company in USA or other various purposes. Immigrating to the USA is a challenging job due to their complicated documentation, VISA policies, and terms involved. Our certified immigration services in Dubai simplifies the process with our strong understanding of every immigration process involved and delivering a high success rate. Consult us today to understand your eligibility for USA immigration.

1. B-1 Visa

Foreign residents traveling to the USA for business transactions need the B-1 Visa (Business Visa). The B-1 Visa is applicable if the intent of the travel is for attending conferences or workshops or seminars, undertaking independent studies, making investments or setting up a subsidiary of a foreign company, attending litigation processes, and more. Anything ‘business’ related that does not require the resident to stay in the USA permanently comes under the B-1 visa.

Documents and Terms

  • Should not have any criminal record.
  • Financial record to prove sustenance in the USA.
  • The person should not seek direct or indirect employment while in the USA or receive any money from a USA-based organization.
  • An invitation letter if the resident seeks to live with friends or family.
  • Proven family and economic ties to ensure the return to the resident country.
  • Valid passport, social media account links, passport size photograph, Form DS-160 confirmation, interview confirmation, an intent letter, financial statements, and letter from the company (if applicable) sponsoring the trip are required.

The B-1 Visa has a validity between 1 month to 10 years, with single or multiple entry options. The maximum duration of stay is six months at a stretch.

2. L-1 Visa

Companies based in the USA with branches and subsidiaries around the world can send their skilled workforce to the USA with the L-1 Visa. L-1A Visa is for managerial positions and L-1B is for skilled workers. In short, this visa is for intra-company transfers. This visa is petitioned for by the employer.

Documents and Terms

  • Proven track record of the employee in the company for a continued stretch of 12 months in 36 months.
  • The employee should be in a managerial position or be a skilled worker and should be going to the USA only in the same capacity.
  • Stated intention to leave the country after the work duration is over unless a work extension is arranged prior.
  • During the stay, the USA company should have proven business dealings with the overseas company, parent branch or otherwise.
  • Petition to be filed in Form I-129 along with supporting documents from the employee and the employer.
  • Valid passport, Form I-129 receipt confirmation, passport size photograph, Form DS-160 confirmation, interview confirmation, training certificates, work experience letter, six months bank record, resume, two references from previous jobs, place of employment photographs, and documentary details about the concerned USA company is required.

The L-1 Visa has a validity of 7 years for the L-1A category and 5 years for the L-1B category.

3. E-1 Visa

The E-1 Visa, known as the Treaty Trader Visa, is given to those individuals willing to enter and work in the USA as a trader, that is, in the space of commerce. The E-1 Visa facility is available to traders from specific countries, and the trader must own 50% of the ownership in the company which will be engaged in trade with the USA. The term ‘trade’ includes both products and services.

Documents and Terms

  • Eligible citizens from the treaty trade country list can apply, provided they are already engaged in international trade.
  • The company should be incorporated in the treaty trade country and the stakeholder/s should have 50% of ownership.
  • More than 50% of the trade should happen between the USA and the treaty country of the eligible citizen.
  • A manager or a specialist from the treaty trade country operating in the USA can apply.
  • Ability to bring spouse and children under 21 years of age, to the USA.
  • Restricted to working only for the trading company or the company that sponsored the E-1 Visa.

The E-1 Visa is valid as long as the person maintains its eligibility. Two-year extensions can be granted accordingly. The person can work legally in the country, and enter or exit the USA per free will.

4. E-2 Visa

The E-2 Visa, known as the Treaty Investor Visa, is given to those individuals willing to enter and work in the USA based on investing in any USA-based company. Alternatively, the E-2 Visa can be availed by the employee of a company with substantial investment in the USA provided the employee is in an Executive position.

Documents and Terms

  • A substantial investment is ideally over $100,000 or a basic minimum of $40,000 with documents to prove the investment.
  • Confirmation that the investor or the concerned employee must leave the USA after the termination of the E-2 Visa unless otherwise extended.
  • Family members of the E-2 Visa holder can live in the USA as long as the Visa holder remains.
  • Eligible individuals from the selected investor trade countries can apply.
  • Direct control of the investment lies with the investor.
  • A detailed business plan, highlighting how the investment will be used, growth projections, and how many jobs will be created for the USA residents.
  • Detailed documentation of education, work experience, and skills have to be submitted.
  • Valid passport, passport size photograph, Form DS-160 confirmation, investor application DS-156E confirmation, interview confirmation, business registration in the USA, income proof, proof of wire transfer, bank statements, and written intent to return to the citizenship country is required.

The E-1 Visa is generally valid between three months to five years, but it can be extended indefinitely. NomersBiz is the one-stop solution to all immigration services UAE. Visit our Dubai immigration website for further details.