Set up a Business in the USA

Being the world’s largest economy has its allure. A corporate establishment in the USA puts a business, small and large, on the global map. Foreign nationals can set up a business in the USA through NomersBiz specialization of handling documents, legalities, and operational aspects of running a business.

Commence Business

Cast worries aside and depends on a trusted platform to help commence a business in the USA. Build a reputable business, sell in international markets, and get access to venture capitalists and public markets. NomersBiz helps with:

  • Forming of the USA entity
  • Advising on growing wealth and investments
  • Handling of business operations and delivering detailed reports
  • Ensuring legal compliance
  • Maintaining tax filings

Boost your entrepreneurial dreams with us.


Documentation of any business is a cumbersome process. Lack of understanding of the paperwork involved and business operational technicalities is a cause of concern. NomersBiz puts its experience and skill behind to smoothly integrate a business entity in the USA, at a nominal charge.

  • Cost-effective business solutions for ALL.
  • Establish a legal entity in the USA in minimal time.
  • Get help with investment planning and growth.
  • Ensure comprehensive compliance post-entity setup.
  • Assistance with staffing and accounting.

Forming a Corporation

NomersBiz assists anyone willing to establish a Corporation in any state of the USA. Such a corporation is a legal entity owned by its stakeholders, and in the event of any loss or debt, the business is responsible. The USA offers various Corporation structures, and the right kind of structure is determined and recommended after having a detailed consulting session with the client. Inspite of this, we also deals with immigration services in UAE.

Corporation Advantages

  • A legal entity in the USA with corporate banking and wealth growth options.
  • Ability to raise investment by selling stocks of the corporation.
  • It enjoys high credibility in the market.
  • It has limited liability. Personal assets of the stakeholders remain protected.
  • Tax benefits


A comprehensive understanding of the Corporation business entity model is necessary. The following points are mandatory:

  • Type of Corporation desired
  • Name of the Corporation, subject to availability
  • Address of the Corporation premises
  • Number of shareholders

Primary Steps

  • Choosing Corporation’s name.
  • Filing of the Articles of Corporation and fees.
  • Receiving business permits.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Applying for Federal Tax ID number.
  • Hiring and launching the business.

Forming an LLC

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a preferred choice for individuals willing to begin a business in the USA. It is an ideal combination of the flexible taxation system and ‘limited liability’ business protection.


  • Recordkeeping requirements are minimum, and taxation policies are flexible.
  • Distinguishes the business from personal assets, thereby limiting the liabilities, if any, arising out of the LLC operation.
  • The proprietor, known as a ‘member’, does not experience any ownership restrictions, and members can be increased with written consent from existing members.
  • The credibility of an LLC is as high as with Corporations.


  • Choose a unique business name.
  • An Operating Agreement is created and the Articles of Organization is filed with relevant authorities.
  • Business permits are applied for and granted.
  • The business bank account is opened.
  • Launch the business.
  • Begin hiring.

Note: All the States have different requirements for forming an LLC. Choose the State in which the LLC is desired and our trained team will apprise you with the documentation and policies involved.

Forming a C-Corporation

C-Corporation is a common type of corporation established in the USA. USA citizens and immigrants can establish this type of corporation with basic documents and a filing fee.


  • Shareholders and directors have limited liability.
  • Higher credibility with bankers, lenders, suppliers, and vendors.
  • Growth potential is unlimited with the sale of stock.
  • No limited to the number of shareholders associated with the company. However, after the threshold of 500 shareholders and $10 million in assets is reached, it has to be registered with the SEC.
  • Various tax advantages, like tax-deductible business expenditure.


  • Choose between three share-issuing corporation types, a business name, and the business address
  • Authorize the number of shares to the shareholders in the first meeting, issue stock certificates, and also decide on bylaws that would govern the corporation.
  • File the Articles of Incorporation with the California Secretary of State.
  • Open a business bank account and launch the business.
  • Apply for the Federal Tax ID (EIN) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) within 90 days of establishing the corporation. The application should include details of the business and the shareholders.